Order Management Application (OMS)

An Order Entry solution used by Customer Service Reps (CSR’s) & Sales Reps to rapidly enter orders via desktop & mobile devices and by End Customers for self-service order entry


This global cosmetics manufacturer had set a corporate mandate to reduce customer service cost. Thirty five Customer Service Reps were completing all orders manually, driving up the cost of customer service. They wanted to grow number of customers without adding CSR staff, improve performance when they do need to enter orders by enabling PC upgrades, repurpose staff to be more proactive selling promotions and signing up new customers. A new customer self-service solution was necessary to enable this experience while also reducing unnecessary costs. They created an order entry application on OrderCloud.io that is tightly integrated with SAP. It is used by customer service reps to rapidly enter orders, field sales reps to enter orders via their mobile devices on-the-go, and for salons to order in a self-service manner.

Application Highlights
  • Rapid Order Entry
  • SAP ERP integration
  • POS integration
  • Claims Ticketing System
  • Fuzzy Search Functionality
  • Communication Vehicle for News
  • Credit Status
  • Promotions
  • Integrated Loyalty Program
  • Custom User Access Levels
Why OrderCloud?

Faster return on investment and better pricing model than competitors. Clear ability for platform to scale, grow and evolve with the business.

Configure, Price, Order Application (CPO)

An application for configuring, pricing, and ordering parts


A global manufacturer of valves and parts wanted to deliver a frictionless eCommerce marketplace that allows customers to identify, buy and track progress of key aftermarket spares. They created created a quote, price and sell application on OrderCloud.io that allows customer service organizations to view all aftermarket products, learn about what parts they need and how often they need to be replaced, create quotes for products as well as place orders. In addition, administrators are able to modify, edit, and approve quotes submitted by customers.

Application Highlights
  • Full quoting process enablement
  • Bulk product/pricing upload
  • Advanced search functionality
  • Document (diagram) uploader
  • Complex approval rules
Why OrderCloud?

Ability to scope and develop a prototype for one business unit to test business model before scaling to all other global business units.

Online Marketplace Application

A many to many vertical marketplace application connecting many buyers to many suppliers


This online marketplace and supply store is an avenue for Coffee Shops registered with the Network to purchase from multiple suppliers in an easy, user friendly app. The supply store app allows for coffee shop buyers to browse multiple suppliers products from any device. The coffee shops can easily add products to their cart, view suppliers minimums, delivery cutoff times and proceed through checkout without ever being required to enter payment or shipping information.

Application Highlights
  • Supplier catalog management
  • Order minimums & cut-off times
  • Save items for later
  • Consolidated billing
Why OrderCloud?

Platform’s ability to combine a best-in-class B2C experience for buyers with complex business logic capable of connecting a network of suppliers, each with unique requirements of their own.

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Multi-Chain Account Ordering Application

A multi-site, multi-brand application with customer experiences for each enterprise account all administered from one administrative interface


A large restaurant supply distributor selling to national fast food chains needed to cut costs associated with managing orders manually for key accounts, each with unique pricing, catalog access and approval rules, over the phone by through call center reps. Their largest key accounts had also started approaching them asking for a more modern, online ordering experience unique to their chains’ needs. They created a Multi-Brand, Multi-Site Storefront Application that allows them to create custom user interfaces for different types of buyers or accounts, with control over catalog visibility, pricing tiers, approval rules, payment methods and more.

Application Highlights
  • Single catalog for multiple customers
  • Unique pricing, payment methods and approval processes for each customer
  • Store budgets
  • Pre-assigned addresses
  • Auto apply promotions
Why OrderCloud?

One administrative application to control unique storefronts on a customer-by-customer basis, each configured with specific rules, permissions and capabilities.

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Non-Profit eCommerce Application

An eCommerce solution integrated with a donation application allowing teachers to place supplies orders with the donations they receive.


A national non-profit dedicated to offsetting the costs of classroom materials for teachers needed a new online ordering platform. They needed to replace a custom, difficult to manage outdated solution to make it easier for teachers to access school supplies from multiple approved suppliers through the program online, and for donors to make donations. They were able to build this custom ordering and donation application on OrderCloud.io with a tight integration into Salesforce and punch-out capabilities to various suppliers including Office Depot.

Application Highlights
  • Salesforce integration
  • Punch-out support to Office Depot and other supplies vendors
  • Single Sign On for a seamless user experience
  • Donation tracking via user’s spending accounts
Why OrderCloud?

Faster time-to-launch for Salesforce integration and single sign-on experience.

>> Read the full case study.

Hybrid PIM Solution for Manufacturers (PIM)

Product Information Management application for manufacturers to manage their product catalog and distribute product information to multiple distributors, retailers, and online retailers


The world leader in metalworking products needed a better way to manage product data. Each of their 53 retail customers sold different segments of the catalog with specific and unique requirements. They knew they needed a Product Information Management (PIM) system that would allow them to gather all relevant marketing material about their product set and manage that information to proactively deliver more robust, timely, and personalized views of that data to individual channel partners based on their market and their needs. They built a cloud-based Product Information Management (PIM) system that could be used to warehouse all product attributes, attribute labels, outputs, etc., and to automate the price list generation specific to each of the 53 customers’ requirements. The PIM system was also designed to leverage product data to feed the corporate website, three separate niche market B2B eCommerce sites, and other applications such as a quote configurator.

Application Highlights
  • Complex product management
  • Multiple product attributes
  • Unique attribute naming by customer
  • Unique distributions by customer

eCommerce Application for Manufacturers

eCommerce and Order Management application for distributor of Diesel parts (new and remanufactured) to retail locations, repair shops, and consumers


A leading manufacturer and distributor of diesel engine components, truck & tank equipment, hydraulic system components and more was looking to develop a more robust B2B eCommerce website to replace their existing eCommerce site. They built an eCommerce application that handles their 85,000+ unique SKUs, allows new customers to find parts through search engines when searching for alternate part numbers, and allows to process more orders, more efficiently using less internal resources and provides for a much better customer experience.

Application Highlights
  • Large, complex product catalog
  • Integration to custom, home-grown ERP
  • Advanced search
  • Integration to external complex pricing calculator
  • Anonymous user registration

B2B2C Application

Retail B2C Application with B2B order management capabilities and industry-specific integrations


A national floral distributor with a poorly functioning eCommerce experience needed a more elegant, easy to navigate and use online ordering application that would allow new and returning customers to purchase floral arrangements and more. The solution built on OrderCloud.io is tightly integrated with 10+ best-of-breed applications to handle things like tax, communications, search and analytics in the way they wanted, as well as industry-specific applications, like Teleflora, allowing them to improve operational efficiency in the complex and time-sensitive world of fulfilling perishable goods. The order management component allows retailers and distributors to place recurring orders with the florist in a more efficient and effective way.

Application Highlights
  • Multi-recipient, split tender ordering
  • Delivery rules and Fee structures
  • Best-of-Breed integrations (Algolia, Avalara, easypost, Mandrill, Tableau, and More)
  • Complex, industry-specific integrations (Teleflora)
  • Integrated CMS for content management