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Customer Testimonial

Laurie King

VP of Supply Chain & Operations for TurtleWax

"With the implementation of OrderCloud, TurtleWax, Inc. completely eliminated fax and manual order entry by the customer service team. This contributed to significant cost savings and ease of use for many individuals across the organization, for our sales reps and, ultimately for our customers."

About FOUR51

Who we are: Four51 powers B2B eCommerce for thousands of businesses and millions of users worldwide.

What we do: OrderCloudTM provides business and technical users the ability to create custom eCommerce solutions faster and easier, while empowering them to deliver the simple, online, and mobile buying experiences their customers demand. The OrderCloud Platform features a multi-tenant cloud architecture, a secure and extendible data model, REST API, and rapid development tools.

Why we do it: Our mission is to inspire and enable all organizations to empower their customers, reduce costs, and drive operational efficiencies by leveraging our cloud-based eCommerce platform. We want to revolutionize the way businesses buy and sell online, because businesses are wasting money on legacy systems, inefficiencies, errors, and losing customers due to outdated processes. There’s a better way to do B2B eCommerce and OrderCloud is that better way.

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