This April, Four51 released 4 new enhancements to its cloud-based platform-as-a-service, OrderCloud. These additions allow for more complex ordering scenarios, a better purchasing journey for users and an even more robust Dev Center experience.

The releases throughout the month included an enhanced search, express check-out and the addition of a blog to the OrderCloud Dev Center, and are available to developers now.


Four51 has extended search capabilities on the OrderCloud platform by creating faceted navigation of search results and type-ahead functionality components. Faceted navigation guides users through a search to continually narrow down facets until they find their desired product. This is extremely beneficial in B2B ordering scenarios because buyers may not know the exact product they need, but they may know of necessary product characteristics. Additionally, Admin Users have the ability to create, add and remove facets from product categories, giving them full control without touching a single line of code.

Additionally, new Type-Ahead Capabilities allow users to see potential results as soon as they start typing characters into the search field. This feature can be applied to both products and categories. With thousands of products typically available on B2B sites, this saves users time by allowing them to go directly to the product they are searching for.


Admin users now have the ability to set-up an Express Checkout, which will speed up the time it takes to purchase a product, overall improving the user experience. Express checkout takes the user to a page where they can easily place an order using saved pre-sets. This accelerates the purchasing journey for users, who often need to place an order, or a repeat order, for their job in the most efficient way possible.


Four51 has also released an OrderCloud Dev Center blog available to the public. This blog will be a central resource hub for tutorials, how-to guides, tips and tricks and release notes. It is also integrated with Disqus to allow for discussions and comments. The blog will be updated regularly.

New capabilities in the next release, expected to be completed in May, include a more robust Webhooks, anonymous user guest check-out, and a more extensive rules engine.

To experience these new features and more, sign-up for free access to the Dev Center, or click here to request a demo.