Whether you are a manufacturer or distributor, sales are vital to your company’s growth and continued success. Modern technology, like B2B eCommerce, offers tools to customer service reps and field sales reps alike, empowering them to win new deals and grow their current account activity.

Here are 3 ways B2B eCommerce will help your sales team reach their goals:

  1. Better Access to Resources, Product Knowledge, and Thought Leadership – A custom B2B eCommerce experience allows you to imagine the resources your sales team might need to do their jobs better. With a personalized experience for your reps, you can give them access to product information, marketing materials, and continued education so that they can continue to gain knowledge about the products and/or services they are selling.
  2. Less Manual Order Taking – Modern B2B eCommerce allows your customers the ability to self-serve and place orders 24/7 on any device. This means your sales team is able to spend less time manually taking and entering orders and more time finding new business and strengthening relationships with current customers.
  3. Access to Up-to-Date Product Information and Availability – When sales reps are out in the field, having access to up-to-date product information, inventory levels, and other sales data is important to their success. With B2B eCommerce, not only are the orders all in one place but they can be tracked in real time making the sales experience smoother for the reps and for the customers.

B2B eCommerce makes ordering faster, easier, and more effective for your sales reps. It lets your sales team get back to doing what they do best – driving sales for your business.