Picture this: You’re a print distributor that’s been in business for years. You’ve built your business from the ground up and have figured out a way to do business that works for you, and your customers. You have a team in the call center that takes orders over the phone from customers and from sales reps. The team has to input the orders into multiple systems, and sometimes orders get miscommunicated or missed in the process. Occasionally, your sales reps turn in their orders on the back of their lunch receipt, but you’ve always done it this way.

As the saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Right?

The problem is, you’ve noticed that those order errors are costing you valuable time and money and that your competitors have started to process orders online making them more efficient and therefore more profitable.

If this sounds like you, and you’ve made it to this blog post, you’ve likely realized that your ordering process that has worked for years is no longer supporting your business goals. Online ordering has made its way into the B2B landscape and has become key to future success.

So, how what’s the big deal with online ordering? And what exactly is B2B eCommerce?

  • What is B2B eCommerce?
    • B2B E-Commerce is defined as: Business to Business Electronic Commerce, encompasses the sale of products and services through an online sales portal between companies. Modern technology now allows you to access your ordering platform from anywhere, on any device making ordering quick and easy for B2B businesses
  • Why do B2B customers want eCommerce?
    • B2B customers are the same customers that are familiar with and used to placing orders for their favorite products and receiving their purchase in a few days. These are your customers, and they are beginning to expect the same easy, self-serve style ordering process when they’re at work. According to Accenture Interactive, only 12 percent of buyers want to meet in person with a sales representative when determining a purchasing decision.
  • Why do I need B2B eCommerce?
    • B2B is the way of the future, not only is it what customers want but it also helps reduce order errors, increase revenue, and streamline the ordering process. B2B eCommerce allows companies to customize their ordering process in a way that is unique for their particular business and needs.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to update a good process so that it can be a great process. Deciding to take your ordering process online will help your business continue to grow and keep up with changing customer demands. With B2B eCommerce, you’ll be able to reduce order errors, increase revenue, and streamline your ordering process. If you’re ready to start the B2B eCommerce conversation, let Four51 help you navigate next steps.